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  • Lunes 28 de abril de 2014 06:31 hrs.

    Thank you very much for a great visit and a lovely and memorable lunch! We all enjoyed it so much. The wines are superb and the new cellar is spectacular. We wish you all the best of luck!

    Britt Karlsson
    France and Sweden

  • Miércoles 21 de agosto de 2013 12:57 hrs.

    Muchas gracias! VIK!!!
    It's a new revolution of chilean wine. I love wine style and people. Thanks again and hope to import VIK to South Korea.
    I'll be back!

    Yong Hee Kim
    Best sommelier 2009
    South Korea

  • Lunes 1 de julio de 2013 00:00 hrs.

    Impressionante! O lugar, o proyecto.
    O rigor e o resultado: O Vinho.
    Reune elegancia-equilibrio e sofisticacao.
    Sucesso y felicitaciones

    Jorge Lucki
    Wine journalist

  • Domingo 30 de junio de 2013 00:00 hrs.


    Alejandra Naranjo

  • Domingo 30 de junio de 2013 00:00 hrs.

    Fue un gran prazer estar nuevamente en uno de los melhores proyecto de vinho de todo el mundo. Tengo certeza de que este vinho sera uno de los mas grandes del mundo

    Arthur Azevedo
    Wine journalist

  • Sábado 11 de mayo de 2013 00:00 hrs.

    It is a pleasure to be back at this special place, this time with my customers. Thanks for welcoming all of us. What an increible experience.

    Shelbi Elkins
    wine importer

  • Martes 19 de marzo de 2013 00:00 hrs.

    Thank you for your generous hospitality. Congratulations for this great wine, VIK.

    Rex Pickett
    Authour of Sideways

  • Jueves 7 de marzo de 2013 00:00 hrs.

    Thank you very much for the invitation to stay in this beautiful lodge. The location es amazing. The wine is also amazing!
    It was beautiful to be here.

    Sonja Von de Rhoer
    Wine journalist

  • Miércoles 23 de enero de 2013 17:21 hrs.

    Great wines, remarkable place and nice people! (Thank you Martin).
    A little crazy but theát comes from the seclusioon I guess.

    Anders Öhman
    Sommelier Educator

  • Lunes 21 de enero de 2013 00:00 hrs.

    Thank you for a wonderful stay. Such a beautiful property, so peaceful and such fantastic hospitality.
    we really enjoyed the horseriding, the winery - just superb. And the wine VIK of course. The best I never tasted in Chile.

    Brett and Lisa
    Sydney - Australia

  • Miércoles 5 de septiembre de 2012 07:27 hrs.

    The wine VIK 2009 was so impressive!
    I can imagine how good it will be in ten years. Looking forward to try the vertical tasting in ten years!”

    Igor Sharbatov

  • Sábado 7 de abril de 2012 00:25 hrs.

    How great!! I was really impressed by all the project, the vineyard, the wine and the nice view from the cabin. How elegant wine!!

    Masako Hori
    The Wine Kingdom

  • Sábado 7 de abril de 2012 00:00 hrs.

    “Viña VIK! A world apart that has to be experienced to be believed. What a beautiful setting, and a superb single blend, VIK 2009. Thank you for a fantastic stay. We’ll be on the look out for your next vintage and will spread the good word, too!

    Kulbir and reva k. Singh
    Sommelier - Wine Magazine

  • Martes 21 de febrero de 2012 09:42 hrs.

    Thank you!
    Great tour, great tasting. You are doing a great job! Looking forward to see the wines getting older, to see the richness of the wines. I’ll be back. Thank you!
    Until next time.

    Marco Mendez

  • Jueves 29 de diciembre de 2011 08:57 hrs.

    Il colore è rosso scuro impenetrabile, concentrato, luminoso; ;
    ciò che mi ha lasciato “ senza fiato “ è stato il naso “ ammaliante “ di questo capolavoro,
    un grande impatto olfattivo : intenso, perfetto, senza una sbavatura, complesso ma connotato da una grande finezza ed eleganza come mai mi era capitato di incontrare :
    fruttato ma mai troppo , speziato ma mai troppo, minerale ma mai troppo, etereo ma mai troppo, tutto in un perfetto equilibrio ed una qualità di profumi al di fuori della norma ;
    in bocca è armonico, i tannini sono di grana nobile , fini ed eleganti, un capolavoro enologico, strepitoso, una “ GRANDE SOUPLESSE “, UN VELLUTO ma connotato da un bel corpo ed una bella struttura glicerica, il tutto perfettamente armonioso ed in equilibrio. Interminabile il finale. Come posso assegnare un punteggio a questo vino, quando sono certo che questo vino dovrebbe involarsi oltre i 100/100 , consapevole che ciò non è possibile ?
    Personalmente mi attesto sui 98/99 centesimi, ma a questo punto diventa irrilevante il punteggio, ciò che conta è che questo vino è un vero CAPOLAVORO DELLA NATURA, UNITAMENTE ALL’ESPERIENZA DI UN GRANDE ENOLOGO, DEL TEAM AZIENDALE E DELLA PROPRIETA’ : CHAPEAU !
    ( Teniamo conto anche della giovanissima età delle viti….!! Che cosa sarà nei prossimi anni ?? )

    Roberto Gatti
    Conduttore : www.

  • Martes 27 de diciembre de 2011 19:53 hrs.

    “ What a throughly unexpected and beautiful experience it was to spend a night here at the lodge. From the insightful tour of the vineyards with Sabrina, the tasting of the ‘09 and ‘10 blends with Cristián to dinner prepared by Loreto. This is one very special place, thank you for sharing it will us. I look forward to hearing more great stories of this special place.

    Michael Ellis

  • Viernes 25 de noviembre de 2011 00:00 hrs.

    Thank you very much showing us that wonderful project.
    You are doing a great work:
    Digging 380 holes just to explore the soil, giving work to 500 families and planting 4.000 trees. That’s the holistic way to make an outstanding wine.

    Michael Pleitgen
    Wine Journalist

  • Martes 22 de noviembre de 2011 00:00 hrs.

    Un moment figé dans le temps, un instant mémorable et de belles émotions... Je vais revenir vous voir! Merci! .

    Hélène Dion
    Wine journalist

  • Martes 22 de noviembre de 2011 00:00 hrs.

    Merci 1000 fois pour l’accueil sansass! Projet ambitieux, grandiose, plein de promesses, longue vie et bon succes!”

    David Santerre
    Wine blogger.

  • Martes 22 de noviembre de 2011 00:00 hrs.

    Quand la passion est utilisée en création les résultats sont tout simplement époustouflants.

    Jessica Harnois
    Sommelier-Wine consultant-

  • Lunes 31 de octubre de 2011 00:00 hrs.

    “ 31st Oct. 2011, Halloween!
    Delicious lunch followed by ride around the beautiful estate, wine tasting of the 2010 barrel and view of sunset from a lovely room. Fantastic food, location, surrounding and huge potential for the future. Thank you for having us. ”

    Gabriel O’Rorke
    Journalist adventure and sustainable travel
    London, G.B.

  • Jueves 13 de octubre de 2011 05:23 hrs.

    You are what you repeatedly do, excellence, therefore, is not an aet, but a habit (“Aristotle”). Thank you for a great stay.
    Sören Polonius

    Sören Polonius

  • Jueves 13 de octubre de 2011 05:15 hrs.

    A place good for the soul, a fantastic way of living. A great experience and great wines. Thank you!

    Ulrika Karlsson
    Wine journalist