Visit from Netherland

Wednesday 8, October of 2014

We were very pleased to received Wout Jans from Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, Marijn Van from tehe restaurant Het koetshuis1 (Michelin star) and Lars Daniel senior editor at perswijn Magazine.
Amazing tasting of VIk 2011 and Vik 2010!

Visit from Brazil

Tuesday 9, September of 2014

We received Silvestre Tavares, the most important wine bloger from Vitoria. and Hong Sup Kim from sao paulo. Hong write for the Adega magazine.

Visit from Japan

Tuesday 19, August of 2014

We received 2 importants wine journalist from Japan.
Takuya Kusada, wine writer, and wine educator based in Tokyo.
Hiroki Matsumoto, editor of, one of the most important wine blog in Japan.
Even for winter time, the weather conditions were great. And we really enjoyed the tasting with some samples of parcels 2013, VIK 2011 and also Vik 2010 during the dinner !!!