We invite you to discover a unique and exceptional one-of-a kind vineyard, with a holistic concept that will leave you enthused. It is not in vain that the indigenous people call this area Millahue, the “Place of Gold”. Here you will find a new way of looking at the land, the vineyard and without a doubt you will find the “gold” in a superb wine that will leave you enamored.


  • Wine tastings: In our wine tasting room, you can try the wines we make, accompanied by an expert who will teach you how to discover the soul of our wines.

  • Guided tours through our facilities: As the making of our wine is unique, during your visit you will discover the mystery that is locked inside each of our bottles, as if you were the winemaker and learn the art of a good wine.

  • Horseback riding: It is organized for a family or a group of friends --a fun horseback ride where you get to know the vineyard.


  • Trekking: Viña VIK provides endless trekking options for you to enjoy the unique countryside with unimaginable geographic features for you to explore.

  • Mountain bike trips: Experience the hacienda from various perspectives. You can ride above the vineyard on mountain trails, as well as throughout the vines on valley trails.

  • Gastronomy: We invite you to get to know our cuisine where our chef will treat you with authentic Chilean dishes specially prepared for our wines as well as offering delicious barbeques in the middle of the vineyard and hacienda.

  • Accommodations: In a cozy and elegant setting, you will enjoy our first-class installations with amazing views of Hacienda VIK, the vineyards and the mountains beyond.

  • Visits to neighboring vineyards: You can visit neighboring vineyards in Apalta Valley including Neyen, Montes, Casa Lapostolle and Clos Apalta, among others. In addition in Colchagua Valley, you will find various vineyards and also the town of Santa Cruz.

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